Utrwalenie słownictwa z I semestru 2022/2023

Utrwalenie słownictwa z I semestru 2022/2023

rev:  all vocabularies  about:

colours: green, yellow, red, purple, black, brown, white, orange
put in, take out,clap,spin,turn around, bend, up, down, choose, pick, pick up
compare, competition, run, walk
my name is, hello, goodbye,
show me, tell me pls, repeat pls

NOUNS: WATER : ocean, sea, lake, pond, river, steram


NOUNS:  all aquatic animals,


NOUNS:  house, skyscraper, flat, barn, nest, kennel, witch, girl, boy, candy house, baby, bed, cat, cave, tree, stable, savannah, peacock, giraffe, opossum, orangutan, ostrich, wallaby, camel, squirrel, guinea pig, cage, donkey, pigeon, dragon fly, pig, horse, cow, dog, lion, zebra.


VERBS: live, grow, fly, run, hide, climb, sing, caw, eat, sleep.


PHRASES: Where do you live?, Where does he/she live? Who lives in ( a, the)….?

Where does the horse live? Where does the pig live? Where does your friend live?

NOUNS: Winter, snow, lots of snow, ice, cold, Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, reindeer/s,  troll/s, workshop, present/s , gift/s, cake/s, carp/s,  Christmas socks, Christmas bauble/s, star/s, wafer/s, red nose, wreath on the door, lights, candle/s, table, tablecloth, crib, stable, angel/s, Christmas dinner, church/s, sled/s, Christmas pudding, surprise gift/s,



VERBS: freezing, decorate, clean the house, write a letter/s,  wait to see Santa Claus, put in, take off, set the table, prepare, sing the Christmas carols, be happy, to get a gift / present, light on, hole family enjoy,


PHRASES: Merry Christmas, Very Merry Christmas,  gifts  under the Christmas tree,

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